Announcing BridgeLink Professional 4.0

January 9, 2019 - BridgeSight announces BridgeLink Professional Version 4.0, PGSuper Professional 4.0.11 and PGSplice Professional 4.0.11. This new release introduces many new features to our conventional prestressed-precast bridge design offerings.

BridgeLink Professional

BridgeLink Professional includes PGSuper Professional, PGSplice Professional, and the Bridge Engineering Toolbox. BridgeLink Professional provides unprecedented capability to design and analyze precast concrete bridges. More information about BridgeLink Professional can be found at:

PGSuper Professional

In the PGSuper world, we have added a huge amount of new functionality to PGSuper Professional. With these new capabilities, PGSuper now meets the needs of just about every State and agency in the U.S. Below is a bullet list of some main new features, but we recommend that you just take it for a test ride!

New Features in PGSuper Professional 4.0

  • Updated for AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specifications, 8th Edition
  • Added new library configuration for Florida DOT bridges
  • Added enhanced features for NEXT beam geometry including non-uniform deck width
  • Added support for girder precamber
  • Added support for asymmetric sections
  • Added biaxial stress analysis for asymmetric sections and asymmetric prestressing
  • Added new adjacent girder layout by girder top width
  • Added transverse top flange thickening to deck bulb tee girders
  • Updated longitudinal top flange thickening for deck bulb tee girders
  • Added modeling of high strength (UHPC or other) longitudinal joints connecting adjacent girders
  • Added non-structural deck modeling
  • Added Design-to-Finished roadway elevations analysis for "no-deck" bridges
  • Added computation of lateral deflection for asymmetric sections, asymmetric prestressing, and non-plumb girders
  • Added new strand input that defines individual strands, including support for asymmetric prestressing
  • Added modeling of anchored longitudinal girder reinforcement for use in negative moment capacity for "no deck" bridges
  • Added new slab haunch modeling and analysis capabilities
  • Improved bearing description
  • Integrated bearing seat elevation calculations into open source version
  • Updated stability analysis for new failure modes
  • Added detailed example calculations to documentations

More information about PGSuper Professional can be found at:

PGSplice Professional

PGSplice™ is Precast-Prestressed, Post-Tensioned Spliced Girder design, analysis, and load rating software. PGSplice™ can be used to design, check, and load rate precast-prestressed spliced girder bridges in accordance with the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification and DOT agency-specific criteria. Analysis is performed with a detailed time-step methodology. Specification checking evaluates girders for compliance with strength, service, and detailing criteria. Girder segments are evaluated for stresses and stability during handling and transportation.

PGSplice Professional adds premium features to PGSplice including: 3D visualization; enhanced reporting; enhanced library management; Export Results to Microsoft Excel, DXF, LandXML, and ViaThor's VBent pier design software; And, exceptional customer support.

More information about PGSplice Professional can be found at:


BridgeSight is very proud and excited about this new release and we encourage current customers to upgrade as soon as they get a chance. Those of you who have not tried PGSuper Professional for a while, we recommend that you take a test drive. 30 day trial information can be found at: