Announcing PGSuper Professional 1.4

May 13, 2015 - BridgeSight introduces PGSuper Professional Version 1.4 in concert with the Washington and Texas Departments of Transportation release of PGSuper Version 2.9. These versions have many useful and exciting new features and enhancements including computation of bearing seat elevations. Here are some highlights:

New Features in PGSuper Professional 1.4

  • New Integrated Substructure Solution! VBent
    We’ve partnered with our friends at Viathor ( to
    create solution for your substructure analysis and design needs. The PVX data
    exchange format enables easy transfer of PGSuper Professional™ data into
    Viathor’s VBent program.
  • DXF Export - Quickly create accurate drawings and sketches of plan and
    section views of your PGSuper bridge model. Import DXF 2000 files into AutoCAD,
    Microstation, Visio, and many other CAD programs. Exact scale and representation
    of PGSuper’s roadway and bridge framing models facilitates comparison with your
  • New Beam Sections We’ve extended the basic PGSuper program with new beam
    section shapes that are only available in PGSuper Professional™. Geometric
    descriptions of the new FIB Girder (Florida) and IL Girder (Illinois) sections
    allow exact modeling of the shapes and match the state DOT standards. The new
    BridgeSight Voided Slab section was developed at the request of our users. It
    provides modeling of rectangular shaped voids with optionally filleted corners.

New Features in PGSuper 2.9

  • Support of the Latest AASHTO LRFD Updates
  • New Custom Reporting Features
  • New Flexural Design Capabilities
  • New and improved Project Criteria
  • and much more!

For detailed information, go to and read the white paper to keep up to date with PGSuper's latest capabilities. The white paper is posted at