Announcing PGSuper Professional 1.3

February 4, 2014 - BridgeSight introduces PGSuper Professional Version 1.3 in concert with the Washington and Texas Departments of Transportation release of PGSuper Version 2.8. These versions have many useful and exciting new features and enhancements including computation of bearing seat elevations. Here are some highlights:

New Features in PGSuper Professional 1.3

  • Bearing Seat Elevations Report Effortlessly compute top of bearing and bearing seat elevations
  • Quantities Report Quickly and easily get estimates of material quantities
  • BEToolbox New toolbox of bridge engineering utilities

New Features in PGSuper 2.8

  • More robust modeling of longitudinal reinforcement in precast girder elements
  • Improvements to the evaluation of tensile stress requirements for cases when adequate bonded reinforcement is provided in the girder
  • Enhanced bridge layout and framing descriptions to support any bridge owner’s design and detailing practices
  • Addition of the Kansas DOT girder transportation analysis
  • Support for all Texas DOT girder types in the Texas Optional Girder Analysis (TOGA) application

For detailed information, go to and read the white paper to keep up to date with PGSuper's latest capabilities. The white paper is posted at