BridgeSight Software

BridgeSight Software was founded in 1997 by Professional Bridge Engineers to provide software products, software development services, and training services for the bridge engineering industry. Our experienced team of engineer-developers can help you achieve your goals by creating custom applications for your organization. We have access to large libraries of open source components that allow us to develop custom applications much faster than if they were developed from scratch.


Step Up to PGSuper Professional

PGSuper Professional from BridgeSight Software brings a new level of design experience with our one-of-a-kind Girder Design Dashboard™; 3D visualization; enhanced reporting; enhanced library management; data exchange with the AASHTOWare Bridge Database, Microsoft Excel, and LandXML; and much more...

Development Services

Let Us Help You Succeed

We have over 20 years experience in bridge engineering and developing bridge design software applications for commercial consultants and government agencies. Let us help you streamline your bridge design processes...