BridgeSight News

BridgeSight Signs Contract With Kansas DOT for PGSuper Modifications

November 11, 2011 - BridgeSight Software signs contract with the Kansas Department of Transporation Bridge Division to customize the open source girder design program PGSuper to fit KDOT needs.

When completed, KDOT will have a girder design program that is tailored to meet their needs at a fraction of the cost to develop software from scratch.

PGSuper is owned and developed by the Washington Department of Transporation, but its open source license allows others to modify and distribute the program freely. For more information about PGSuper, go WSDOT's software home page at:

BridgeSight Launches

Feb 23, 2009 - Coinciding with the 2.1 release of PGSuper, BridgeSight Inc. creates a new support site for the PGSuper program to provide training and technical support to PGSuper's diverse user community.

The site's goal is to help users get the most out of PGSuper, and to help promote this successful open-source project. Initially, the site will contain basic information about PGSuper and several interactive tutorials to help users get started using the program. As the site grows, we will make the site more user-driven by providing wiki's and user forums. Join us at: and help make PGSuper the most robust, flexible, and full-featured LRFD precast concrete bridge girder design program in the world!

WSDOT Releases PGSuper 2.0

August 01, 2007 - Washington State DOT releases PGSuper 2.0. This major new version supports many new features including:

  • Multispan continuous structures
  • Support for provisions of the AASHTO LRFD Bridge Design Specification, 4th Edition, 2007.
  • Governing design parameters have been added to the design outcome report.
  • Shear stresses at the girder/slab interface can now be computed by either the LRFD approximate equations or by the classical shear flow equation, VQ/Ib.
  • You can now tag user defined loads with a text description. The tag can be used to find load values in reports.
  • User defined end moments have added.
  • Spread box beam bridges can now be analyzed and designed.