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PGSuper Training

When configured properly, PGSuper is the fastest, easiest to use precast bridge girder design program in the industry. In fact, engineers at TxDOT and WSDOT using PGSuper can finish most superstructure designs in less than a day. Our one-day PGSuper training course can help your office get up to speed on PGSuper quickly.

Session topics include:

PGSuper Overview

  • General program features and layout
  • Basic geometry and alignments
  • Bridge model definition
  • Viewing the bridge model
  • Framing plan layout
  • Defining girders
  • Autogenerated loads
  • User-defined loads
  • Viewing reports
  • Viewing graphic results

Designing Prestressed Girders

  • The automated designer
  • Designing by hand
  • Harped strands
  • Debonded strands
  • Shear design

Working with the PGSuper Library

  • Creating and editing project library entries
  • Defining girders
  • Connections
  • Project criteria entries
  • Custom Vehicles

Advanced Topics

  • Complex geometries
  • Multi-span bridges
  • Continuous structures
  • Splayed girders
  • Curved deck geometries
  • The PGSuper Status Center

Program Installation and Configuration

  • Installing PGSuper
  • Customizing PGSuper
  • The master library
  • Template files
  • Sharing PGSuper configurations on local area networks

Any Topics Specific to Your Needs

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Software Development Training

Do you have an in-house programming staff and looking to reuse open source code for your internal applications? We can help bring your software development staff up to speed on how best to use the open source Alternate Route components. Our staff played a large part in the development and design of the WBFL (Washington Bridge Foundation Libraries) as well as the PGSuper, PGSplice and QConBridge applications. Some available training topics are:

  • WBFL system architecture and class libraries
  • Using OLE Automation and WBFL components to extend your Excel and MathCad programs
  • PGSuper Agent/Broker Architecture and event model
  • Extending Alternate Route programs to meet your needs