PGSplice Professional

Design Multi-Span Continuous, Multi-Stage, Post-Tensioned Spliced Girders with Confidence Using PGSplice Pro!

The Same Great Program - Made More Powerful, and With Personalized Technical Support!

PGSplice Professional adds premium features to PGSplice including: 3D visualization; enhanced reporting; enhanced library management; Export Results to Microsoft Excel, DXF, LandXML, and ViaThor's VBent pier design software; And, exceptional customer support.

"With PGSplice Professional you get the peace of mind that this indispensable bridge engineering tool is backed by a reputable, proven company."

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PGSplice Professional Exclusive Features

Spliced Girder Design Dashboard

Provides a unified view of all major limit states in a spliced girder design.
Enables designers to quickly navigate to pertinent design editing dialogs.

DXF Export

Quickly create accurate drawings and sketches of plan and section views of your PGSplice bridge model. Export DXF 2000 files to AutoCAD, Microstation, Visio, and many other CAD programs.

Export Substructure Analysis to VBent

BridgeSight Inc has joined forces with our friends at Viathor ( to bring PGSplice Professional and VBent customers a powerful new way to integrate superstructure and substructure design. The BridgeSight VBent Exporter extracts information from your PGSplice model and prepares it for import into VBent. Direct Import of superstructure geometry and structural analysis results into VBent saves time, money, and increases accuracy.

Export Analysis Results

PGSplice computes thousands of structural analysis results, including moments, shears, deflections, and stresses. Use PGSplice Professional to export analysis results directly into Microsoft Excel or comma separated value (CSV) files.

Enhanced Library Management

PGSplice Professional’s enhanced library management features makes it easy to share individual library entries between PGSplice projects and Master libraries.

Enhanced Reporting

PGSplice Professional adds powerful new reporting capabilities to PGSplice

The BridgeSight Moment Capacity Details Report gives a complete record of PGSplice’s strain compatibility analysis. Details include a graphical representation of the idealized girder section, tabular listing of the contribution of each "slice", and the computed section capacity.

Elevations can be computed anywhere on the roadway surface using the BridgeSight Roadway Elevations Report. Deck elevations can be computed at uniform increments between a starting and ending station, or at any number of individually defined station/offset locations.

3D Visualization

See your structure from every angle with the powerful BridgeSight 3D Viewer using pan, zoom, and rotate features. Look inside and understand how the components of your girder fit together.

LandXML Data Exchange

PGSplice Professional adds LandXML import and export capabilities to PGSplice. Use this feature to import alignment and profile data from roadway design software or export PGSplice’s alignment and profile data to other software packages.